Creative. Experiential. Intuitive. Thorough.

Cathleen Calkins Writer & PhotographerPeople and places that matter. That’s what I write about. I’m a photographer, too, and my images almost always accompany my writing.

In fact, my freelance life began with my desire to photograph. I was fairly lucky early on: I photographed artists for an independent Latin record label in Eagle Rock, Calif. and  sold fine art prints inspired by urban landscapes at art fairs. My images documented the grit of my subjects and deconstructed idyllic qualities of South Bay beach cities. I liked the edgy quality of my work. I shot black and white film and spent hours watching the scenes come to life in a public darkroom on La Brea, south of Wilshire, in mid-town Los Angeles. I’ll always remember the silky feel of developer and those sun-deprived days in that cool space.

At some point, my photographs triggered a desire to develop a narrative, to see the story through. I began to write and edit for a living. Only with writing and editing, it wasn’t luck. It’s the result of hard work, a professional approach, good ideas, and an almost religious devotion to people and places that matter.

If you’d like to learn more about me or my work, or are looking to hire a writer, editor, or content producer who can photograph, give me a call at (323) 620-1773 or email me at cathleen@cathleencalkins.com.