Latest plans?

Nalychevo Nature Park, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia Far EastFive years ago we were halfway through our ski expedition on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East. In fact, we were getting dumped at the 208th kilometer on Kamchatka’s only highway – in the middle of nowhere looking for two things: Good weather and skiable slopes. (Check out the October 2008 issue of Backcountry magazine for my piece about this portion of the trip.) We were hoping to be back in Kamchatka this summer but I’m not sure we are going to make it. We would like to return and have shelved plans for another summer.

Which leads me to: What next? I was at a party last night and someone asked me about our “latest plans to travel.” I gave my standard answer, “Not sure where to next, but somewhere soon.” It got me thinking about the next six months. Part of me misses the challenges of planning an expedition to parts unknown. Surfing the internet looking for others who may have been there or know someone who has. Sending emails to far flung places hoping to get a helpful response and make a new friend. But the other part of me is enjoying the prospect of not making any long range plans. Taking it week by week, 3-day getaway by 3 day getaway. Last year – we were in Ireland – and we missed out on excellent weekend trips with friends. And while Ireland was cool, it felt like the rest of the summer we were just trying to catch up.

As to our latest plans? I am looking forward to adventuring closer to home. A two-week kayak trip to Washington’s coast? A long backpack in the Wind River Range? A rock climbing road trip looking for stellar routes through the west? Not sure where, but I know whatever we do will be epic enough to get us through to the next big plan.

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