Doors of Tallinn

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I recently spent time wandering around Tallinn, Estonia. A capital city with eight hundred years of history. As one of the oldest cities in eastern Europe, I was quite taken by the architecture – from 11th century medieval towers to 17th century halls. Renting a bike provided the swiftest way to explore as much of Tallinn as I could – from Tompea Castle and walls to Fat Margaret Tower, from narrow Katarina Kaik (St. Catherine’s Passage) and roomy Raekoja Plats (Town Hall Square) to St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. As I cruised cobblestone streets and darted in and out of traffic – pedestrian, vehicle, and even Segway – I started to take notice of the colorful doors of Tallinn. (Truth is I became a little obsessed.) The images are not spectacular but each door moved me to stop and capture a  few stills with my Panasonic Lumix (35mm lens).

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